CityVU has developed a team of experienced individuals with a variety of very specific talents.

Steve M. has been actively developing in the internet world since was originally registered, back in July 1995. As the founder and principal of, Steve has led teams in administration, programming, server installation and management, data collection and management, and sales and marketing.

Some of the most recent projects Steve has led include full e-commerce installations at and

Sam P. is CityVU‘s principal software engineer. Sam has a successful 8 year career in software engineering and development, and is considered an expert in HTML, HTML5, PHP, CSS and Javascript.

Crystal M. leads CityVU‘s digital advertising team, and is responsible for CityVU‘s 5 largest advertising accounts. Crystal’s experience manifests itself in the accomplishments of her team of 7 digital advertising professionals.

Khurram S. is CityVU‘s lead WordPress implementation expert. Khurram has led over 100 successful WordPress installations and is a leading expert in this field.

Hasan M. has been developing software for CityVU and its clients for over 5 years now. An expert in C, C++, Javascript and CSS, Hasan is affable and produces the highest quality results.

Ajay K. is CityVU‘s lead design guru. Ajay’s inspiration comes from nature and his simple yet vibrant designs are renowned for their perfect balance for design and marketing together.

Lara L. is an expert in keyword marketing, with Google, Google Business Places, Bing, Bing Business Places and more. Lara delivers on the goals given to her, regularly and on time.

Maya L. is CityVU‘s SEO expert and leads a team of 3 professional SEO marketers, providing consultation and implementation for many of CityVU‘s key success stories.

Steve M. takes the lead in social media marketing, with experience using Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Tumblr and more to achieve widespread social media success.