Email migration

CityVU Server Upgrade - email migration

One stage of our massive server and service upgrade is the change to our email system. The changes in the ways email work have been extraordinary in the last 10 years, and the time for an upgrade has come.

Key components:

Mail server addresses and ports:

Domain:  (if ever prompted, we are using “Cluster “A”)

IMAP: 993 (SSL enabled) or 143 (SSL disabled)
SMTP: 465 (SSL enabled); 25, 587(TLS), or 8025 (SSL disabled)
POP3 access is not recommended but here are the ports:
POP3: 995 (SSL enabled) or 110 (SSL disabled)

Login name is your full email address, eg:  [email protected]

Webmail is accessible at:


Any email you currently have will not be lost. Your email boxes will be migrated to the new system. The only interaction on your side will be that we have to change the passwords for this migration. You can contact us at 514-992-0988 by call or by text and we will give you your temporary password that you can then login to the new system and change.

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